Saturday, July 27, 2013

Flamingo Crossings Update

It's been awhile since we checked out Flamingo Crossings, the Disney-owned development for 3rd party hotels, restaurants and shops out on the western fringes of the property.  Walgreens was supposed to be the first tenant, as the Blog reported back in January, 2012.  But when we drove around a few nights ago it was difficult to find the store in the dark!
So we went back to Flamingo Crossings during daylight hours.

Flamingo Crossings is within the Reedy Creek Improvement District.

And there she was!  The new Walgreens, located at the corner of Flamingo Crossings Blvd and Western Way.  Not sure how I missed it that night.


SGT623 said...

Honestly, they had the right idea 100%. They just decided to drag their feet and now the party is literally BOOMING just a little further down 429. The 192/429 area has EXPLODED and stays packed. Disney had this, and dropped the ball. PI like FAIL all over again.

KingBob said...

Well they blame it on the economy but it's the same economy just one exit south at US192 where little existed a few years ago but now there are numerous stores and restaurants.

71 said...

Flamingo Crossing never had the road frontage/visibility of 192 to guests at Orange Lake (the largest time share resort in the US) or any of the medium-sized hotels on west 192. Nor do the "new" locals who live on 27 (think Cagan) drive past it. Really, the only motorists it's visible to are those commuting to Winter Garden/Ocoee, who have their own retail center. Right idea, wrong location.

Also, given its history elsewhere around property, I doubt WDW was charging reasonable rents.

KingBob said...

There's also the issue with fire protection. We've been told that RCID wants to put a fire station out on Western Way to serve FC. Without a fairly close fire station it may be difficult for businesses to get mortgages to build anything. But why put a fire station out where there's nothing?

One of those chicken or egg situations.