Tuesday, July 16, 2013

CW Update: LQ Club Format Moving To RCC

The Latin music dance club aspect of Latin Quarter restaurant at CityWalk is moving at least in part over to Red Coconut ClubLQ closes at the end of July and beginning August 1st, Latin music will be streaming out of the Coconut!
In the meanwhile, during our visit to Red Coconut this past Saturday night we found DJ Cruz in the control tower playing mostly Hip Hop.
Counter-programming to the pure EDM format taking place in The Groove.
So why is Latin Quarter closing so suddenly after having just spent money fixing up that beautiful neon light tower outside?  Allegedly there was a dispute with the owner of the Latin Quarter name & image regarding the Brazilian steakhouse upstairs and Universal decided to close LQ and keep the Churrascaria.   We're told there is a $5M budget for the new Mexican restaurant replacement which is to be called Don Quixote's.  As of now they will not have music entertainment in there, only videos.  If this story is correct, good choice by CityWalk management as a Mexican restaurant will be far more popular than what's there now.
DJ Leony (Sirius/XM BPM, RadioDanz.com, The Fifth, Glitz Ultralounge) on the decks this past Saturday night playing various Latin music styles along with his famous House sets.  When PI first closed and CW became the place to go, Latin Quarter was ironically about the only place you'd hear any EDM at CityWalk!  Big thanks to DJ Leony for keeping me sane during some very sad days!
A typically crowded Saturday night DJ Leony dance floor at Latin Quarter with lots of eye candy!
As of now LQ Thursdays and LQ Saturdays are moving to RCC but they're still undecided about Friday nights.  Will be interesting to see if they can fit all these people into the smaller venue.
One of the Aztec pillars inside LQ.  Really better-suited to a Mexico theme than to a Spanish Caribbean theme, they're apparently coming out anyway.  Maybe you'll be able to pick up one one of these babies on-the-cheap at Universal Property Control!


Ken said...

Will the Herb Williams band continue to play at Red Coconut?

Anonymous said...

following up with Ken's question, what happens to the Djs and so on already in Coconut on Thurs/Sat nights?

Anonymous said...

Bob..any thoughts?

KingBob said...

I'll look into the matter and post an update if I'm able to get any info.

KingBob said...

Sorry, no updates this time.