Saturday, July 6, 2013

Club Reports: Thee Grotto, Suite B Lounge

Only my second visit ever to Thee Grotto, the club with no sign to identify it and hidden back behind the Bank of America tower.
DJ Billy Z was on the decks during my visit.
With two legends coming on next, DJ's Andy Hughes & Dave Cannalte!
The dance floor stayed jammed!
There really were people in here though.
The music was what I would call Progressive House.
And I'm really not sure how I ended up with this!
Moving over to Suite B Lounge where one will always find EDM!
With DJ Bella, giving Save Pleasure Island Blog a friendly greeting!
Taking turns with DJ AgentK, also giving Save Pleasure Island Blog a friendly greeting!
Nice crowd in the place.
Dancing to a steady flow of Breakbeats!
Spotted: NLP DJ's J-Dub and Funkbaby.
Spotted: DJ Security visiting with A&F fashion model CJ and Bella.
Getting down on the floor, dancing to her hit Long Hair, Don't Care!
And a good time was had by all!


Dj BIlly Z said...

Thanks for posting some pictures from the event! Hopefully more of a showing at the next event for you to post!

Billy Z

KingBob said...

You're welcome. I'm really liking Thee Grotto!