Sunday, July 21, 2013

Club Report: The Groove

Back to The Groove at Universal CityWalk on a Saturday night!  Who needs downtown?
Tampa's DJ Mondo (Amphitheatre, Green Iguana, 93.3FLZ) putting out Top 40/Dance/House!
Compared to last week he was playing a bit more of the older songs typically heard at The Groove but he mashed them up with current House songs to give them a great vibe!
And once again The Groove was jammed!
We first encountered DJ Mondo when he and DJ X opened for DJ Icey a couple years ago!
Admission is just $7.00 for one CityWalk club, or $12.77 for the all-club Party Pass which includes Red Coconut Club, Bob Marley's, Pat O'Brien's, Rising Star and for one more weekend only, Latin Quarter.
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
They handed-out color-changing glow wands around 12:30am.
Can you spot a Mannequins girl in this picture?
Mondo will be playing at TG every Saturday night in July and August!

Except for Saturday, August 10th when he's opening for the #16 DJ in the world, Paul van Dyk (D) at Amphitheatre instead!  Tickets here.  (Paul van Dyk also performs in Orlando two nights earlier with tickets available here.)
Smile please.
Compared to downtown, it's nice coming home not smelling like an ashtray!
There were no lulls in the music; the Dance hits just kept on coming!
As 2am approached, the crowd thinned-out a bit.....but not much!
Nearing the end with an Avicii (S) mashup!
And a good time was had by all!
Wait...a good time was had by all.....except one!


Anonymous said...

I can see one Bob.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that he's using an HP laptop; I wouldn't trust my gig to anything less than a Macbook Pro..

He's working on the Nexus 2000 cd players but using control cds?

No dicers either. If you're running Scratch Live, dicers are a necessity.

I'm not following the Dj setup but it must work for him.

KingBob said...

Me too, Anon #1!

Sorry Anon #2, me no speak your language.

Anonymous said...

well MOST DJ's USE Mac! just sayin!

Anonymous said...

I know who your talking about.