Sunday, July 14, 2013

Club Report: The Groove

The Groove on a Saturday night....WOW!
Opening DJ Bacardi (Red Coconut Club) in the booth spinning Top 40/Dance.  They say you can't start a party without Bicardi and such was the case last night!
And it only got better!  Tampa's DJ Mondo (Amphitheatre, Green Iguana, WFLZ-Tampa) taking over at 11pm and absolutely blowing up the place!
Starting with some Top 40 hits and then moving into a nonstop night of EDM!
The Groove was packed!
Until the early '00's The Groove was a "techno" club but by the mid-00's it had gone predominately Hip Hop as that's what their crowd wanted.
And as recently as a year ago if a DJ played a House set, people on TG's dance floor would stand around with WTF-looks on their faces.  No more!  The floor stayed jammed all night to a pure House/Dance set with just a smidgen of Dubstep near 2am.  This was just like a night in Mannequins with the only thing missing being that revolving thing!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
Profits are finally being invested back into the club and they have new monitors and new lighting equipment including lasers!
DJ Mondo is playing at The Groove every Saturday night in July and now apparently through August.
Always a nice mix at CityWalk!
Mondo opens for DJ Paul van Dyk (D) next month at Amphitheatre.
You can hear a harder DJ Mondo set every Sunday evening at 6pm (2300 GMT) on the internet's home for Florida DJ's,
And a good time was had by all!
(Also visited last night were Latin Quarter and Red Coconut and we'll have a CityWalk update this Tuesday.)


DJ Bacardi said...

Always good to see you Bob!

DJ Mondo said...

Thx you very much for the great review on sat night. I was hoping that EDM would work in there. I'm so glad you did a report on it. I hope it brings back more locals to the groove. Thank you.