Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Downtown Update

Aiming to keep you updated regarding the downtown scene, only 1 of our 3 updates today actually pertains to downtown Orlando.  First of all, Underground Public House will be arriving soon to Orange Avenue, themed as a British pub.  That will certainly be something new downtown.  They say they'll be featuring numerous beers on tap as well as British pub food and British sports.  Could be fun!  Located where Shakai Sushi Lounge went unnoticed.  Stygma is above on the 2nd floor.
Over at CityWalk, we reported a week ago that Latin Quarter was going to close in August to make way for a Mexican restaurant to be called Don Quixote's.  Many have asked if the new venue will have a dance club at night and they don't know yet.  However, we're told that LQ's Thursday night Ladies Night will be migrating to Red Coconut Club during the construction.
Good news for Electric Daisy Carnival - Orlando which returns to town this coming November.  The first two years were held at Tinker Field & McCracken Field, the two large sports fields adjacent the Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium.  According to JeffHTG, EDC-Orlando will be moving "into the bowl" this year!  EDC-Orlando has had a capacity limit of 20,000 people per day, something that was reached the second night last year and almost reached the first night.  By moving part of the event into the Citrus Bowl, capacity can be greatly increased which can greatly enhance the event.  The second day last year featured Armin van Buuren, Afrojack, Morgan Page, Icey, R3HAB, Cedric Gervais, Hook'n'Sling and many more.


Anonymous said...

As we are truly in the last days of PI's physical existence, I found it strangely poignant to read that Michael Eisner was at EDC in Vegas:


An article on Spin.com also verifies he was there. Even though Eisner technically had a hand in PI's demise, he seemed to genuinely love Disney and want to grow the breadth of its offerings in a way Bob Iger seems to have no interest in.

I wonder if anyone will spot Iger at EDC a decade after he retires from Disney? I'm pretty confident that won't occur.

KingBob said...

I thought Eisner helped create Pleasure Island.

Anonymous said...

He did -- but he also signed off on un-gating PI, which got the ball rolling on the eventual closure in 2008. My point, though, was that he clearly had a love for expanding the Disney brand, and PI was a very bold expansion of the WDW umbrella brand (along with other things like the Disney Institute and Celebration). Iger's idea of expanding WDW is Golden Oak and Flamingo Crossings... hardly bold.

I did not mean to place the blame on Eisner as my whole point is there he was just a few days ago at EDC, and for some reason it just echoed his early years at Disney in my head. I was just trying to be sober about his ultimately having a (small) hand in actions that did pave the way for PI's demise.

But my point was Eisner remains captivated by some of the things he greenlit while at Disney. Had Eisner not been basically forced to resign from Disney, I'm 99% sure PI would still be going strong. So hearing he was at EDC was bittersweet.

Anonymous said...

I just have this mental image of Eisner standing at Church Street Station around 1987 thinking the cash flowing into those clubs should be going into Disney's pockets, and soon after the legendary PI was born.

Fast forward a little over 25 years later, PI is on its deathbed when it could be doing gangbusters business in this EDM-crazed world. And while Iger's signing off on Disney Springs, Eisner's at EDC.

I just find the whole thing rather telling, frankly.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree. Not a fan of Bob Iger at all. When you are CEO, whether directly involved in PI's demise or not, EVERYTHING is your fault due to lack of supervision of the VPs or otherwise. If it happens on your watch as CEO it's as good as your mistake.

Anonymous said...

ou only need to read the article before this one and realize how pathetic things have become in downtown Disney.

Ace said...

These comments make me wonder where the Disney Board is hiding. They certainly have some ability to influence the company and hopefully on Bob Iger as well.

KingBob said...

No one cares. Orignally the poor economy took the blame for the lack of revenue at Pleasure Island and more recently the record profits at Disney masked the fact that profits could have been even higher had they been operating businesses there instead of empty buildings. Disney Springs is an attempt to rectify things but it remains shrouded in secrecy.