Saturday, June 22, 2013

Club Reports: Rok Room, Independent Bar

Back downtown on a Friday night, invited by club promoter Artem to visit his Russian Standard dance party which takes place weekly at Rok Room.
Had not run into DJ X-Andy since I saw him playing at the so-called Techno Night at The Groove in CityWalk a couple Labor Day weekends ago.
Rok Room is themed with an old Rock'n'Roll vibe, but the music is thankfully anything but that!
The place was beginning to fill up around 11pm.
The music was great.....all House/Dance!
With official photographer Kristen taking shots!
DJ Freefall (Vintage Lounge, Dragon Room) getting ready to come on at 1am.
The event is the #1 Russian party in Orlando but you don't have to be Russian to attend!
Moving over to Independent Bar to check out their Friday night.
Thursday night resident DJ Smilin' Dan was in the booth playing the expected Indie format.....and a whole lot of EDM too!
And the dance floor was completely jammed!
And the crowd 100% different from the peeps here on Saturday nights.
Well, 95% different.  Spotted: Sonia & Jenny (Venue 13, I-Bar).
Spotted: Jason & Katie (The Groove)
And a good time was had by all!

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