Tuesday, May 28, 2013

RadioDanz Keeps Getting Better!

Always a fast moving mix of Dance music including House & Trance, Miami-based RadioDanz remains one of my favorite place on the internet for EDM.  No commercials and it's free.  Best of all, the weekend lineup includes Orlando DJ's Mickey Bono, DJ Leony and DJ Smooth!  Put it on when you're working or just surfing.  Dance music 24/7.
8PM EST / 1AM GMT  Addiction with DJ Armando

5PM EST / 10PM GMT - LIVE Addiction with DJ Armando
6PM EST / 11PM GMT - Danz 20 Countdown with Bernardo
9PM EST / 2AM GMT -  DJ Mickey Bono (Syn, Loft55, Bliss)
10PM EST / 3AM GMT - DJ Riddler
11PM EST / 4AM GMT - Morgan Page
12AM EST / 5 AM GMT - Mike the Hitman
1AM EST / 6 AM GMT - Bimbo Jones
2AM EST / 7AM GMT - Peter Luts

6PM EST / 11PM GMT - DJ Wesley
7PM EST / 12AM GMT - Bernardo
8PM EST / 1AM GMT - Gino Caporale
9PM EST / 2AM GMT - DJ Punzo
10PM EST / 3AM GMT - DJ Leony (Latin Quarter, The Fifth)
11PM EST / 4AM GMT - Tony Bruno
12AM EST / 5AM GMT - DJ Smooth (CityWalk)
1AM EST / 6AM GMT - StoneBridge
2AM EST / 7AM GMT - Johnny Budz
3AM EST / 8AM GMT - Spyke'n'Sugarstarr

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