Thursday, May 30, 2013

PI Update: More Fun Than Ever!

As spring merges into summer, there's more fun than ever on beautiful Pleasure Island!
First of all, the wall adjacent Sosa Cigars, which blocks off where Rock'n'Roll Beach Club used to stand, is being repainted into the Disney Springs new pale blue with gray trim colors.
Paradiso 37 has a live duo on the patio stage.
Nothing new behind the wall blocking the soon to be demolished Laffers Cantina and Comedy Warehouse buildings. Permits filed!
Big crowd gathered in Keith's Park.
The new home for the living statues.
The taco truck remains parked at the Lily Pad.  But that crowd ain't there for tacos, they're there for the evening's entertainment.....
And a good time was had by all!


ClubMaster said...

That old guy is still around??? He has been spotted when PI was still alive, At city walk and At Blue Martini. He is one of the Maserati Brothers. Rich guy who loves to party and dance with women in there 20's. He's the guy in the last photo.

Anonymous said...

The big news here is there is no news About. 150,ooo. people fly into Orlando for Gay Days and Thursday night is the Welcome Party night formerly at PI. The Mannequins party was held off site again this year and was packed complete with laser beams set to music coordinated with fireworks and explosion dancers. Meanwhile at the PI Live booth dubbed the PH Live booth the dj mixed songs all night. Mannequins and PI were mentioned frequently. I read that one of the bar tenders from Mannequins would be there as well. Speaking of alcohol sales can you imagine how much money Disney would have made if this party was still on Pleasure Island?

KingBob said...

ClubMaster, we see him often. He owns the local Ferrari dealership.

Anon, not sure if you were criticizing or just reporting. I scrolled through the various Gay Days websites to see if they had any bigger name DJ's playing this year and they did not. This Blog's mission is 50% to report about PI and 50% to report on EDM events. The article this past Wednesday did include the "PI @ PH" event as that was relevant to both. Thanks for your report and I agree, all part of the same blunder.