Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Downtown Update

Nothing new to report from downtown Orlando's club scene this month so instead we'll take a look at the downtown parking scene and give some tips on how you can save money parking your car!  There are basically 3 main options downtown.  There is free street parking, there is city parking and there is private parking.

So what do the two signs below have in common?  Believe it or not, they're both leading to the same parking garage....at the same time!  Yes, the private Wells Fargo Bank garage has two entrances and they both charge different prices at the same time.  Enter from Central Blvd (across from Ember) and you'll pay $10.  Drive around the block and enter from Washington Street and pay $5.  Both entrances lead into the same garage!  Here's what you should know about parking downtown.  So don't be a fool!

STREET PARKING:  Parking meters are free after 6pm so if you're arriving downtown early then there's a great chance you can find a spot on the street.  There's even a decent chance up until 10pm.  After that, highly unlikely unless you happen to drive by someone just pulling out.  Luck increases the further north you go away from the downtown core but that must be balanced with how far you're willing to walk!

CITY PARKING:  All City of Orlando lots downtown have a flat evening rate of $10 except the lots adjacent Amway Center which cost $20 during events.  City lots include those under I-4 and the large lot adjacent I-4 between Central and Pine.  At these lots you have to locate the nearest kiosk and pay with cash or credit card and then take the issued ticket and place it on your dashboard.  One plus is credit card use which other lots don't offer; nearly every lot downtown is cash only.  There is also a multi-story City parking garage on Central across from Ember that charges $10.  

PRIVATE LOTS:  The closer you are to Church Street, the more you're going to pay.  Many private lots along Church Street, Pine Street and Central Blvd will be charging a $10 flat rate.  Washington Street is the name to remember because parking lots along that street are nearly always $5 flat rate.  Streets north of Washington Street will also be charging $5.  Save by parking at surface lots and garages here.


Brian said...

if you park in the lot behind the Movie theater. it will cost you! unless you go see a movie and get your ticket validated. or see go to SAK comedy show. and get your ticket validated there.

Brian said...

OH forgot will cost you $4 after!

Shawn Tucker said...

I have great success parking for free on Orange, but never more than 5 bucks by Independent bar if desperate

KingBob said...

Shawn: If Firestone doesn't have an event then it's possible to park on the street north of there, even after 10pm. But it's a long walk to most venues from there. If you're finding street parking further south, you're very lucky!

Brian, if you go to a movie and get your ticket validated, it's a good deal. But otherwise parking in that building (which I think is now the Chase Bank Building) is pretty steep. And I hear the spaces in there are very tight.

Brian said...

I have volunteered at SAK and IF we park in that lot we get validated and pay $4 but yeah very high priced. other wise.

heck I remember when PI was packed and we parked in the team Disney lot and walked. sometimes Disney ran a open air bus crossed the street. but that was back in the mid 90's lol.

Ken said...

The "cityoforlando.net/parking" website has some good info on parking as well.

Good topic Bob, I've been wanting to ask you about parking in downtown Orlando - now I know.

KingBob said...

Thanks, Ken!