Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dance Remixes Still Exist

Keane (GB) is a band that has always had a unique vibe to them. Unlike most bands which use an electric guitar-based sound, Keane operates with a distorted piano-based sound, something that has allowed them to record songs that fit the EDM genre.  The song below, "Sovereign Light Cafe" ft. Tom Chaplin, went largely unnoticed in the United States last year.  Like a lot of their songs and unlike most typical songs, it actually tells a story:   

The waning years of Mannequins Dance Palace was during a time Hip Hop dominated the airwaves.  While EDM remained strong in Europe, relatively few EDM songs got noticed here in the United States.  DJ/Remixers thus took a lot of popular Hip Hop songs, sped up the beats per minute and recreated new music.  A lot of music played at Mannequins during the final years were Hip Hop remixes.  Of course we know EDM has broken through now but remixes are still being made.  This is the Afrojack (NL) remix of Keane's "Sovereign Light Cafe" and see how it's been changed.  The faster beat is immediately noticeable as are all the electronic additions. The song is now definitely danceable!

If you think Keane sounds familiar, perhaps you recognize this song that got a lot airplay at Mannequins back in the day, especially late in the evening:

Too bad Mannequins isn't still around to enjoy the resurgence of Electronic Dance Music!

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