Saturday, May 18, 2013

Club Reports: The Silly Grape, Studio 0.00054, The Lodge, Syn Nightclub, Backbooth

Another birthday party weekend and a great place to begin the celebration was with happy hour at The Silly Grape in Maitland.
Birthday girl rocking the stage!  Although DJ Vitamin C often plays here on Thursday nights, other evenings feature light music that does not interfere with you chit-chating with friends and coworkers while you enjoy a frosty cold one.
The place can get surprisingly crowded since it's located near numerous office complexes.
The Silly Grape is soon to be joined by The Silly Philly and The Silly Deli. And since wings and homemade french fries will be featured, I'm already hooked!
Many readers will recall when Sirius/XM invited me to the one night reopening of iconic dance club Studio 54 in New York City a couple years ago.  Well right here in Orlando, for this week only, we are fortunate to have the "world's smallest disco", Studio 0.00054!

Small club indeed!  But when the red velvet rope was lifted and we were ushered in, size didn't matter!
DJ Matt on the decks spinning House and Dance!
The dance floor stayed jammed during our visit.  The cover is just $1 and they have beer!  Interestingly, we're told that PI is part of the club.  Apparently the donation bin (not pictured) where you pay your $1 is sitting on a stand made out of the letter "A" from the Comedy Warehouse sign!
Can't visit downtown anymore without stopping at The Lodge!
DJ Yardian playing a broad range of mostly 80's with some 70's and 90's mixed-in.
A bit larger than our previous stop but equally crowded....on a per square foot basis!
And everyone sings loudly to the songs while dancing.  
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
Next stop Syn Nightclub.
DJ Meaux Green (Firestone, Vain, Roxy) working the boards from a position downstairs adjacent the dance floor.  The music was Dubstep and some very hard Progressive House.
Big crowd in the place on this Friday night.
The dance floor was.....interesting.
But you can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
Last stop was Backbooth for their "Footloose 80's" night which takes place every Thursday night beginning at 11:59pm.
DJ Adam Wright in the booth playing a broad range of 80's hits.
Upper and lower dance floors jammed here too.
Populated by the young and not so young!
The music includes a lot of New Wave like you hear at I-Bar on Saturday nights but also can include Michael Jackson, George Michael, etc.  All with videos.
Happy Birthday!
And a good time was had by all!


Anonymous said...

where was Mickey in Syn on a Sat Night??

KingBob said...

I didn't make it to Syn last night so I don't know. But he wasn't scheduled.

Anonymous said...

So they already gave up on a regular Dj for a regular weekly schedule?

Matthew Tomasone said...

Thanks for the good time. Hope you all had fun at our little gig.

-DJ Matt

KingBob said...

Nice to meet you Matt. Now THAT was fun!!