Saturday, May 11, 2013

Club Reports: The Groove, The Fifth, Vixen Bar

Overdue for a visit to The Groove on a Friday night to see how it's doing.
Friday nights with DJ ET (102JAMZ) continue at The Groove.
Upstairs is still closed until we get into the tourist season but the downstairs was packed!
His opening set was mostly Hip Hop plus old 90's songs you typically hear at The GrooveHe then announced a House set and played a great mix of Top 40/Dance songs that were big the past few years.  Unfortunately a lot of dancers were dumbfounded and he had to tell them that if you can't dance to this, go have another drink and then you can!
Mostly tourists, very few faces recognized.  I didn't care for ET's style of playing 20 seconds of a song nor his constant voiceovers.  When the House set ended and another Hip Hop set began, it was time for me to be moving on!

Long line for alcoholic slurpees over at adjacent Fat Tuesday.
The Fifth downtown has been open over a year now and is home to the famous Disco lunch!
DJ Leony (Sirius/XM BPM,, Latin Quarter) in the house, playing House!
It was a continuous awesome mix of great House and Latin House music!  They used to pipe in music from adjacent Vintage Lounge but they added their own DJ booth just a few months ago.
People were dancing wherever.
The club was packed!
With lots of eye candy!
Nearby at Vixen Bar there is always EDM!
Friday night resident DJ Pranksta.
The music was all House/Dance/Progressive!
With people coming and going off the small dance floor beneath the DJ booth.
This place was crowded too.  It will be triple-crowded tonight at the NLP DJ group will be spinning!

And a good time was had by all!


Anonymous said...

Disney did it so much better with Mannequins. Maybe they never should have let House of Blues into DTD and promoted Mannequins better and made sure it was kept current and Disney could have made a killing in alcohol sales.

Anonymous said...

102jamz sucks..who is this ET kid??

KingBob said...

House of Blues is an integral part of Downtown Disney and only competed with Pleasure Island on Sunday nights. HOB still rules Sundays in this town.

Don't know much about ET since I never listen to 102JAMZ. His website is WWW.DJETWORLDWIDE.COM. He's been the Friday night resident DJ at The Groove since April. I like DJ King a lot better.

Anonymous said...

Make sure you tell 'em you like King