Sunday, May 19, 2013

Club Report: Eye Spy

Fun night at Eye Spy last night because the music format has changed!
Resident DJ Parry was playing an incredible EDM set!  During prior random visits the music was always Hip Hop but such is apparently not the case any longer.
The peeps want techno.  The outdoor dance floor was wall-to-wall with people dancing to Top 40/Dance/House!
It used to be if you wanted this kind of music at Eye Spy you'd have to head to the small rear room where a DJ might be playing it.  Well they've swapped it around.  The DJ in the back might be playing Hip Hop, but the front is all EDM!
DJP putting out a Trap song!
Spotted: Wearing short shorts and tall boots, Orlando upper one-percenter CJ dancing with friend Renee (Love and Leather Bracelets).
Eye Spy is unique in town with their mostly outdoor format which is great 75% of the year.  On hot muggy summer nights or when it rains, not so great.
But last night, a good time was had by all!

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