Monday, April 29, 2013

PI Update: What About The Clubs?

Welcome to Pleasure Island, where two clubs were demolished a few years go but five remain.
Mannequins Dance Palace stands in 3-story splendor, home to a large revolving dance floor that at one time made it America's top dance club!  But ill-suited for anything but a dance club.  It's been empty since the place closed to a capacity crowd in 2008.
Supposedly immune to demolition because it housed the power grid for all of Pleasure Island, two recent sources (and a persistent reader!) have it being demolished.  Perhaps all the new Disney Springs construction that is coming requires a new power grid anyway, making this one obsolete.
8TRAX is technically in the same building as Mannequins so they will share the same fate.  In recent years the building has housed boxes of merchandise for other stores in Downtown Disney.
BET Soundstage Club, later simply Soundstage Club after the contract with Black Entertainment Television expired, has sat empty since 2008.  The chances of this multi-level venue being demolished is sadly 100%.
Comedy Warehouse too has been empty since 2008, serving only as a source of electrical outlets for musical acts performing on the nearby Purple and Green stages.  The stage remains at the bottom, the numerous levels of seating booths remain above.
Last but hardly least, the future of the Adventurers Club building remains a mystery.  Stripped of nearly everything, the building was pictured in Disney Springs concept art and thus seems to have a future as some sort of restaurant/cafeteria and may be spared demolition.  We should know soon the fate of all these beloved buildings on beautiful Pleasure Island.


Anonymous said...

It seems strange that Mannequins would be kept in such good condition with work being done on it reported here on the blog just to tear it down. I read elsewhere online that the West Side would be where entertainment will be and the Landing nice restaurants. As much as I hate to think of Mannequins turning into a restaurant,I have an idea. I know Disney already has plans for the Observatory in the Planet Hollywood building but my idea is to take the rotating dance floor and put it under the dome in the Planet Hollywood building and relocate Mannequins to that spot.

Jeff - Gainesville said...

Seems like something is happening. Keep those up to the minute updates rolling in!

Anonymous said...

I am the one? who said Mannequins can go down! (and will) so I talked to more people who know about Disney and know electrical they said it would take Minutes to switch over to a new power grid!
I heard other say it would take hours? to move restart! WHAT?
@ Anon Disney is about appearance! just cause they redone and painted doesn't mean it cant or will not come down!

KingBob said...

Planet Hollywood will become The Observatory, a different type of restaurant concept. So no rotating dance floor.

We should soon learn the fate of MDP.