Tuesday, April 2, 2013

PI Update: No Island Action Just Yet

Save Pleasure Island Blog took to the air to show you the latest action on beautiful Pleasure Island!
Over at Soundstage Club......well....nothing happening here....yet.  Concept art indicates that both the club and those bathrooms off to the side are going to be demolished.
Over at the Comedy Warehouse Building....nothing happening yet here either.  The Disney Springs concept art shows a mostly glass-covered building in this spot so we expect heavy renovations but are not sure how much actual "demolition" will take place on this spot.  Can't tell from the art if Laffers Cantina will survive either.
And in the spot where Motion and Rock'n'Roll Beach Club used to stand and the future home of a waterfront amphitheater and a lighthouse themed/old boat restaurant, nothing happening here either.    So that's the latest update from beautiful Pleasure Island.  Stay tuned for more news as it happens.


Anonymous said...

wait a MINUTE! was there NOT work being done inside AC? and thought BET? and heard that? HMMM???

KingBob said...

There were reports of WORKERS inside AC. Turns out they were removing the remaining artifacts screwed into the club's walls. I don't recall any work going on inside BET Soundstage.