Monday, April 22, 2013

PI Update: Island Entertainment Moving

PICTURED ABOVE: Andre Caram Band  PICTURED BELOW: band Nova Pop
Sources tell Save Pleasure Island Blog that the entertainment acts that have been taking place on the Island since 2010 will likely be moving over to the park area adjacent Bongos Cuban Cafe, Downtown Disney West Side, beginning next Monday.  Apparently the Entertainment Managers at DTD have been kind of "freaking out" because there was no word from upper management about what the plan is and they didn't know whether to schedule the bands for May or not.  They did test DJ Hollywood Bob in the park on April 11th so that seems to be the plan.  Interestingly, remember that trailer placed in the Q-Lot beyond Cirque which was to be home for those currently working in offices beneath West End PlazaWell they're still working down under there, apparently not moving to the trailer until next Monday as well.  (The cast member cafe, which is also under the Plaza, did close though as previously reported here on SPI.)

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