Saturday, April 13, 2013

Heading Out To Sea!

The Blog will be running a few preprogrammed articles this week as I finally get to take my Spring Break.  If you've read the Blog for awhile you know that cruising is in my blood so today it's embarkation for my 43rd cruise!  If you've never cruised before, you need to try it.  

Norwegian Epic is probably the ugliest ship out there, but only on the exterior.  Inside the ship has Bliss Ultra Lounge, Howl at The Moon, Blue Man Group, Cirque Dreams and the Second City improv troupe.  But most important, buffalo wings available 24/7.  Will be providing club reports from onboard when I can and preprogrammed articles when I can't.  Rest assured you won't miss any PI news; while I'm vising the islands of St. Maarten and St. Thomas, our roving reporters will be watching the island of St. Pleasure!

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