Sunday, April 7, 2013

Club Reports: Suite B Lounge, Loft55, Independent Bar

Skies cleared, the rain disappeared and it was a beautiful Orlando evening looking for EDM.  First stop Suite B Lounge for "I Love Florida House".
DJ Fusion (The Edge, Firestone Live) was on during my visit.  One typically hears nothing but Progressive House and Breakbeats in Suite B but this guy was pumping out an awesome Vocal House mix with huge buildups and drops!
With considerable light show activity down on the dance floor.
Over to new club Loft55, located on the 2nd floor of the 55 West condo building and the replacement club for Bliss Ultra Lounge.  It's taken some months but this place is now jammed on Saturday nights.
Over in the main booth, DJ Mario Peters spinning EurohouseWow, no one is playing this in Orlando and it reminded me of my visit to Club Space in Miami.
Dance floor was pretty jammed.
Another booth right above the dance floor with DJ Magic Mike (House of Blues SIN) taking turns, playing more of a Top 40/Dance mix of music.
With lasers cascading out among the dancers!
Late night arrival to Independent Bar.
DJ Indie John in the booth playing the Saturday night format of 80's New Wave/Old Wave.
Dance floor was jammed here too.
Admission is free until 11pm, then $5 Guys and $3 Girls.
Spotted: DJ Rob (I-Bar) with Ninja Kitty & Friend.
Spotted: Aubrey (OrlandoClubNights)
And a good time was had by all!


Anonymous said...

Can you elaborate on what you mean by "Euro house"?

KingBob said...

It is possible that my term for it has a better name, but that's what I call it. Not sure that I can describe it but I know it when I hear it. It's a House music sound, almost like Techno, very melodic. Some of the DJ's at Senso played it, Laidback Luke during my Space visit played it.

Anonymous said...

You're probably referring to Tech House. I'm surprised that you heard that downtown..