Sunday, April 21, 2013

Club Reports: The Courtesy, Bullitt Bar

First visit to The Courtesy since when they first opened last year.  Only two of the six side-by-side venues on Orange Avenue north of Washington Street have opened; not sure why the delay with the others.
Place is packed but the only music is off an iPod and it's very much in the background.  I asked the manager why this place has been so successful; what niche is it filling?  He said it's all about craft drinks.  They stock the regular alcohol brands but also a whole lot of others.  Indeed, I counted 25+ brands of gin on one shelf!
Also a visit to Bullitt Bar over on East Pine Street.  Recent passes-by I've only heard Hip Hop blaring out the open front window.  Not this night though.
Live band on the small rear stage playing a folksy Country sound.  WTF?  I quickly learned that the Florida Music Festival was taking place and this was one of several venues in town hosting live bands.  In this case it was band Slickwood.
Followed by a much easier to look at and listen to Bean.  She was singing what I would call Indiepop songs.
And in the crowded house, a good time was had by all!

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