Saturday, March 16, 2013

PI Update: St. Patrick's Day Island Weekend

St. Patrick's Day Weekend afternoon on beautiful Pleasure Island.  The luck of the Irish meets the magic of Disney and the party is on!
Beer for sale in the foyer of Mannequins Dance Palace!
Food and drink booths and a live band getting ready at the base of Mannequins!
It wasn't EDM but if you like Irish music, this is the place!
Hoot man, hoot man!  The Waterfront Stage being used for the band's sound and lighting.  Little known fact: St. Patrick not only drove all the snakes out of Ireland, he also drove them off Pleasure Island!
Visions of the rugged Irish coastline abound along Village Lake!
Paradiso 37 is all about Central & South America but this weekend it's all about central and south Erie!
Even the Disney Truck Shop has gone green, parked today at the Lily Pad!
Really not sure but there might be an Irish hoopla tonight at Adventurers Club!  If there isn't, there should be!
Another Irish band doing the Jig on the Purple Stage at West End!
Don't feel left out!  The party continues tonight and tomorrow!
And a good time was had by all!

Reminded me of my favorite Irish tune!