Monday, March 11, 2013

PI Update: Rumor Update

Will there ever be any adult-only entertainment options at Downtown Disney?  Here's the latest rumors from beautiful Pleasure Island.
All we can tell you at this juncture is that Island sources say new Sr. Vice President of Downtown Disney & Disney Sports Tom Wolber is quite aware of the current situation on Pleasure Island. As we previously reported here on the Blog, Wolber took over the position February 1st, having come from Disney Cruise Line.  Everyone knows that DCL caters to kids and families and everyone knows how well they do it.  But even though kids and families are their focus, they do not forsake adults as Downtown Disney recently has.  Each DCL ship includes an entire adult-only clubbing zone, open each evening, loaded with various bars and dance clubs.  Wolber recognized the need to serve adult guests in addition to everyone else.  We had hoped that Wolber would bring that recognition with him from DCL.....and we're told that he has.  How that manifests itself remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, we're told that musicians/bands that currently play on PI are meeting with DTD officials this week to talk about their gigs in front of Comedy Warehouse.  Apparently renovations are coming to that building soon which will force all the musical acts at Pleasure Island West Side to relocate. 

We're also told that the guy that runs the so-called BET Cafeteria (the castmember grille located beneath West End Plaza) has been told he has 30 days to close up.  Changes are coming.

Finally a fact instead of a rumor:  This coming Saturday night is a Pleasure Island Reunion, taking place at Atlantic Dance Hall at Disney's Boardwalk Resort.  Parking and admission are free.  Come out and see your old PI friends, have a drink or two and dance to mostly Motion-style music.  This was originally scheduled to take place at Splitsville but they quit having a DJ on Saturday night so it had to be moved.  More details at:


Anonymous said...

OH BOY! more things that might come true? ok some what from the rumor! a small part of it that is!

Anonymous said...

Nicks Place is closing whaaaa??

Anonymous said...

AGAIN WHEN Disney finishes something will I believe it! is true! and for anyone who knows Disney knows this to be true as well! this early in the process will anything pass the end result!

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