Thursday, March 14, 2013

PI Update: Disney Announces Disney Springs!

The press conference about Pleasure Island and Downtown Disney scheduled for this past Tuesday never happened but castmembers have been briefed and this morning a small number of details were released on the Disney Parks Blog including several pieces of concept art.   (ALL IMAGES © Disney)

The Mannequins building lives on in the rear portion in this artist's rendering of The Landing, the new name for Pleasure Island. What it will be, we don't know. The buildings in the front will be constructed in what is now the PI parking lot.  Click on the link above for full details released.  No store, restaurant or entertainment names have been officially released yet.         


Anonymous said...

Parking will be free despite the two parking garages according to the Orlando Sentinel

Anonymous said...

Looks like, well, looks pretty, but you know, no substance beyond it looking pretty.... and we all know what happens to stuff that looks pretty in the concept phase...

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling the former Mannequins building will be transformed into The Edison....

Anonymous said...

So far, it looks like just another one of the big "town center" mega complexes that have been springing up all over for the last few years. Congrats, Disney, you've invented the shopping mall!

KingBob said...

Anon at 3:06pm: Thanks for the report. Many were concerned about having to pay to park there.

Anon at 5:23pm: I think it was called Hyperion Wharf.

Anon at 5:35pm: That might be a very good guess. Mannequins is ill-suited for anything but a night club.

Anon at 6:29pm: Yes, a very nice mall. And I'm hoping the leaked names really are part of it; there's a bunch of them I'd love to have available to me here!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Mr Wolber will see about opening nightclubs Mannequins and 8Trax they were two clubs that people enjoyed.
So come on Mr Wolber you know what the nightclub people want.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts: Hate the name Disney Springs. Hate anything to do with the look of Key West or outlet malls which this new project evokes.


1.Scrap the name Disney Springs and leave the whole thing called Downtown Disney.

2. Get rid of the mall and old Florida feel and go back to the Hyperion Wharf LOOK with the lights and generators while not using the name.

3. Keep the water esque and garden feal of the water front area with plenty of running springs and fountains like Downtown Disney Anaheim has.

4.Give us back a full fledged adult nightlife scene

5.Definitely bringing in The Edison and tie it into the light and generator theme that was Hyperion Wharf but not use the Mannequins building to do it.

6.Reopen Mannequins Dance Palace and make sure the rotating dance floor, dancers and cartridge shooters return and have it once again Disney owned and operated by Disney cast members.

7.Bring back nightly fireworks.

Anonymous said...

I'm annonymous at 12:06am. I forgot the last suggestion.

8. Bring the Mad T Party or similar outdoor party to the nightlife area.

Anonymous said...

From: Tom Staggs on March 14th, 2013 at 7:05 pm

Yes, Disney Springs will include some new nighttime entertainment geared toward adults. Stay tuned for more details on this in the future.