Thursday, March 21, 2013

PI Update: Apricot Lane Closing

Save Pleasure Island Blog roving reporter Thommy, roving the Island last night as he is known to do, has learned that Apricot Lane Boutique will be closing at the end of summer.  They're supposedly leaving permanently, not relocating to elsewhere in Downtown Disney/Disney Springs.
Apricot Lane opened in August, 2011 yet always seemed like a temporary store, never even painting over the color scheme of predecessor Orlando Harley DavidsonPrior to Harley the location was home to another clothing store, Changing Attitudes.
Clothing store Curl by Sammy Duvall is supposed to be vacating its Pleasure Island home in April.  As you may recall, they're moving into one of the outparcels in Splitsville on the West Side.  Once both Curl & Apricot Lane are gone, PI will be rid of all retail except for an Irish logo store inside Raglan Road.  It then becomes feasible to gate the Island again and make it adult-only, except for the Raglan/Portobello quadrant.  Not that they're going to!


Anonymous said...

We're all very surprised Apricot Lane is closing. It was such a bold, new store.

Anonymous said...

OK more rumors I heard! LIKE I SAID RUMOR!! not fact! so nobody can claim I said FACTS!
ok her it goes and is line with Apricot Lane Closing. OK the Mannequins Building is coming down! AGAIN do not QUOTE me on this! again anything you hear about what Disney is planing! may or may not be true? oh will come 100% true! so till we see what Happens to the OLD PI nothing is TRUE!

KingBob said...

Thanks for sharing the rumor. All rumors are appreciated.

I will say that it seems very unlikely because:

1) Supposedly the Mannequins building houses the power grid for the entire Island and thus can't come down without it being replaced at great expense;

2) The concept art that was released for Disney Springs clearly shows the Mannequins building in there, as does the large model of DS.

Anonymous said...

Reopen Mannequins Dance Palace!

Anonymous said...

More likely the reason Apricot Lane is leaving is because the Mannequins building will be used as a night club again.

Anonymous said...

well Look at the expense Disney Springs going to be!
The concept art that was released for
yes but this is a ROUGH concept in the very beginning stages! things will surely change! or never happen!? anythigng is possible?
"More likely the reason Apricot Lane is leaving is because the Mannequins building will be used as a night club again." nobody would PAY what Disney wants or they would have to charge a LOT for drinks! way more then Disney would have!

ClubMaster said...

Yes they need to re open the clubs, I dont know how many more times they need to hear it to understand there is a high demand for it.

Anonymous said...

QUESTION?? for ALL who read this? would you go back? to just see what Disney did to reopen clubs and would you keep coming back?

MY OPINION NO I say 80 90% would be UNHAPPY with the NEW and LESS club(S)

and for the most part I think most are happy in the NEW place(s) they hang now! NOT ALL are happy but still! even they would not GO back!

I wish some place OTHER then Disney would do a PI clubs thing! or wish universal studios would UPDATE there clubs!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 2:06 am Speak for your self. I would frequent Mannequins if they reopen it. That's what this blog is all about. You're statement speaks contrary to the message of "save pleasure island". Simple as that. You do not represent the spirit of the majority of posters on this site and are doing us a disservice.

Anonymous said...

ANON @ 621 DID you READ my POST?? did you understand it? I said (GET this) OPINION!! I didn't say FACT!!! or was NOT a statement! SO please gets your FACTS right before you SPEAK or comment!

asked a question! and you said you would! OK that is ONE so far!

BUT I guess you would have MY question and Opinion kicked off! that is why BOB is so great he lets us all post Rumors Opinions! EVEN yours!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 5:22 pm, yes it's a blog and I don't advocate censorship of any kind but I have a question: Do you want the clubs to come back or not? Cause you're not helping.

Anonymous said...

ANON @ 206 are you the same as ANON @ 621? if so? you said "Speak for your self." well sounds like you DON'T want me to say what I want? or be free?!

I want the clubs to come back AS they where! if they don't then NO!! I would really hate to go to PI go in a club and see it HALF *SSED! or worse 1/10 of what they where!

I don't think this will help or hurt to bring back PI! Disney has made up their mind(s) already!

I guess if you want to blame me that the clubs do not reopen then GO for it! but (POSSIBLE) truth is IF any club(s) open it will not be backed by DISNEY!

KingBob said...

Disney is out of the club business. If they allow a club or two at Disney Springs it will be
3rd party operated. But 99% of our readers would go for evening adult at entertainment there if it was offered and if it was any good.

Until something is announced there is always hope. One does not need to argue about that.

Anonymous said...

me and others have said Disney was not ever going to reopen any clubs.
I still say NOBODY will open a club on PI OPPS Disney springs! would cost tooooo much for rent they would have to charge a HIGH cover and high drink prices higher then what Disney would!
and yes House of blues is there BUT they are world wide known. and it is not just a club!