Saturday, March 16, 2013

PI Update: Adult Nightlife Is Coming

Disney Springs is coming whether we like it or not.  But I like it.  And if most of the vendors on those logo boards we published last week are actually part of what's coming, Disney Springs is going to be a great destination whether you're local or from out-of-town.

When you read the comments posted so far on the Disney Parks Blog, you see one common theme though. Many, many are asking whether Disney Springs will be offering nightlife for adults.  And Tom Staggs directly responded to Mitchell for Indiana who asked, "Anything for the 21+ crowd?"  You can see Staggs' answer posted above.

We're told there won't be any clubs per se but who knows what kind of party atmosphere will be offered by the numerous waterfront venues that will exist at Pleasure Island The Landing. Mannequins could become the East Coast home of The Edison, an eccentric L.A. nightclub of sorts that offers DJ's on weekend nights.  We know that Comedy Warehouse is going to be refurbished into something.  Could it reopen as maybe, Comedy Warehouse?

So don't give up Blog readers.  We've been through way too much.  In the meanwhile, go to the Disney Parks Blog and input your own comments (registration required) about nightlife for adults.  Staggs and others are reading it and this issue of nightlife at WDW must stay in the forefront.


Jeff-Gainesville said...

Super excited about this and relieved that it appears that something is actually happening! I'm already wishing that it were finished. My only negative thought is why couldn't it already be finished - they've had what five years now? Thanks for the update.

DJMadManRay said...

Maybe you should change the name of the blog to "Save Adult Nightlife @ Disney"... Lol! They maybe still hope..

Anonymous said...

I love The Edison and want it to come to DTD but want Mannequins even more. I wish Disney would reopen MDP and put the Edison in a different building.

Anonymous said...

It's good to hear there might be some hope that maybe they'll reopen Mannequines as a new club, and also reopen 8Trax as a new club.
Yes, five years has been long enough, lets get the party started again!

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Anonymous said...

I'm afraid that "some new adult entertainment" could mean just an ESPN zone or something.