Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Party Reports: St. Patrick's Day Parties

In yesterday's article we compared Sunday night clubbing at CityWalk's The Groove versus Downtown Disney's House of BluesDisney won.  But with it being St. Patrick's Day, there were also celebrations taking place for that.  Let's compare!
At CityWalk the Sunday night party was at Pat O'Brien's.  It was a gated event with an admission charge.
There was a big crowd on hand down on the ground as well as up in the balcony!
 They had a live band playing mostly Rock.

 Between sets DJ AJ was up on the Rising Star fire escape playing Top 40 and Hip Hop.
Now let's head over the No. 4 Bridge to Pleasure Island!
Next to Mannequins near the Waterfront Stage they had a live band playing Irish.  No charge.
 Large crowd gathered and people were dancing.  Who says there's no dancing on Pleasure Island!
Another large crowd gathered in front of Raglan Road.
Another band playing Irish here.  No charge.
Who says there's no dancing on Pleasure IslandDisney wins this competition as wellDisney can win the adult evening entertainment competition when they want to.  But with Disney Springs coming, do they want to?


71 said...

All I could think Sunday afternoon/evening, walking around PI, was the market is clearly still here. A mix of locals and tourists looking to hear music, dance, laugh, and have a few drinks.

I hear it remained packed until well past midnight.

Anonymous said...

I was at both Pleasure Island and City Walk on Sunday. I would say that City Walk to me clearly the better place to be. PI was filled with parents and there kids walking around having a beer and wearing green clothing. There was no sense of club or party life. City Walk has Margaritaville with an outside bar and then Pat O'briens pub, if you had VIP, which we did you had a wonderful upstairs lounge with comp food and beads to toss at the crowd below. I saw adults dancing and having a great time, no kids in strollers. Then after words we went the groove for some club dancing. I am not sure how you think PI was better unless you are biased for PI. Well the name of the blog says it all.

KingBob said...

71, most of those Raglan pictures were taken around 1am or later. The market is clearly there.

Anon, the Blog has been consistently critical of what has become of Pleasure Island. But the St Pat's activity comparisons were made after midnight when there were few strollers around. The activities on PI were more crowded and livelier. But your comments and opinion are appreciated. I like CityWalk too.