Monday, March 25, 2013

Downtown Update

Time for an update from downtown Orlando.  Antigua closed a year ago but signs are still on the building and lit at night.
However, heavy renovations are taking place inside that will remove the look of a Caribbean island village and replace it with another theme.  Sources say this will be one of those restaurants that turns into a club later at night, a pretty common trend downtown in the past year.
The nightclub Dragon Room has closed.  Home to mostly Hip Hop, I won't miss the music or the uinspired service.  The bland Asian-theming reminded me more of a Chinese restaurant in Akron than to anything in Shanghai!  No word yet whether anything is moving in.
Anyone remember Cheyenne Saloon & Opera House from Church Street StationStill full of brass and dark wood, the venue remains available for rent if you want to open a club.  Church Street is a sad place again with many club closings in the past year: Heat, Bliss, Antigua, Mako's, Touch, Baby Grands, Dragon Room.
Last but not least, new dance venue Syn Nightclub located at 57 W. Pine Street, a block west of Orange Avenue, should be opening very, very soon.  The club will be featuring Vocal House music and has signed DJ Mickey Bono (RadioDanz, Beat Thrillerz, K5, Loft55, Bliss Ultra Lounge) to be one of their DJ's!


Anonymous said...

We need to get out there and support Mickey and make Syn work. We've been lacking a regular nightclub downtown since Bliss closed.

KingBob said...

I agree. I'll post the Syn opening date once I get notification.