Sunday, March 31, 2013

Club Report: Bikkuri Lounge

Bikkuri Sushi is the only place in town where you can not only find sushi, but also Trance!  When you come inside, head up the stairs or lift to find Bikkuri Lounge.
Celebrating the 3rd anniversary of the monthly Lost In Trancelation series at Bikkuri, DJ Robb Blak (Roxy, Backstage, Liquid, Suite B) was at the podium upon my midnight arrival.
Lots of people on the floor, dancing to, well, Trance!
It was the most crowded I've seen the place!
Lost In Trancelation takes place the last Saturday night of every month so check it out!
Taking over around 12:30am was guest DJ Suzy Solar (USA)!
Mostly non-vocal, as it got later Suzy added Vocal Trance to her selections!
She's most-famous for her classic Trance song "Ocean of Love" which is on Paul Oakenfold's album "Creamfields", the same disc that has "Time of Your Life" and "Beautiful Day" on it.
The Tampa-based DJ needs to come over to Orlando more often!  But you can hear a 2-hour set every Friday night from 10pm to midnight on, home to all the best Florida DJ's.
Spotted: DJ Agni (Lost in Trancelation, Bikkuri Lounge, Suite B Lounge), and DJ J13 (Suite B Lounge, Bikkuri Lounge, with friends.
For all you neon needs, Jesse James of Illumin8us.
Spotted: DJ Lil'B who was batting cleanup last night, visiting with Robb Blak.
Suzy Solar opens for the #1 DJ in the world, Armin van Buuren, on May 9th at Amphitheatre in Tampa!
And a good time was had by all!


ClubMaster said...

Still waiting for this years annual April fools Joke, I hope it comes soon :P

KingBob said...

Sorry ClubMaster, taking the year off this year since we're finally going to see some action taking place down on the Island.