Sunday, March 10, 2013

Club Reports: Loft55, Vixen Bar

Because the second floor Loft55 club would never be noticed by passersby if only the grand staircase in the 55 West courtyard were used, they've taken to using buskers stationed outside these emergency stairs to get people to come up directly from Church Street.  That and loud House music!
They've moved that table and sofas I complained about last week and there's that dance floor! Yea!
And DJ Magic Mike (House of Blues SIN, Vintage Lounge) on the decks.
Dance floor got crowded quickly.
And people were dancing in the elevated portions of the club too.
The music was all House/Dance/Top 40, many with videos.
Magic Mike will be at House of Blues at Downtown Disney West Side tonight!
The promoter did a good job and so did those buskers; the place was pretty jammed!
Vixen Bar on the 2nd Saturday of the month!
That means NLP is in the house including DJ's Matrix, J-Dub & David Selgado!
Small club but packed dance floor!
Music mostly Breaks.
People as far as the eye could see!
Electric Daisy Carnival!
And a good time was had by all!


Anonymous said...

Sat night at Loft..where was Mickey Bono?

KingBob said...

I don't know. These are the kind of crowds he used to draw at Bliss on Saturday nights when their promoter was doing his job.

Beat Thrillerz said...

I probably won't DJ there again until I get the nearly $2000 they owe me