Friday, March 29, 2013

Club Report: Atlantic Dance Hall

Atlantic Dance Hall on a Thursday night during Spring Break.  Should be crowded but it was not.
DJ Frankie (Frankie & The West End Boys, West End Stage, Rock'n'Roll Beach Club, Stitch's Club 626) on the decks playing their all-request format.  The letter "B" seemed to be a requirement as there were back-to-back songs by Black Eyed Peas, Beyonce, Beat It, Britney and two songs I had not heard in a decade, "Bills Bills Bills" & "Big Pimpin"!
There were occasional dancers during my visit but for the most part the dance floor stayed empty.  The parks were open until 1am so perhaps that's why no one was out.  But a good time was had


Anonymous said...

Disney should promote Atlantic Dance Hall. They should have promoted Mannequins too. What's wrong with them. They built THE best dance club in the world and dismantled it. BRING IT BACK!!!

KingBob said...

Atlantic Dance Hall is not promoted by Disney even though they own it. It's there by contract with the Swan/Dolphin to provide the hotels a night club. It's up to the Swan/Dolphin to promote it.