Tuesday, February 5, 2013

PI Update: Yes We Have No Nightlife

Heading to House of Blues on Sunday night after the Super Bowl, thinking there'd be a bunch of football fans roaming around beautiful Pleasure Island.
Not so.  Laffers Cantina was locked tight.
The Adventurers Cart, now hidden behind umbrella tables, already closed.
Live bands at West End Plaza?  None.
Heading back over the Island after HOB.  Not a soul around.
Interestingly, the inside of Mannequins was brightly lit and 2 hanging mannequins were fully visible!  Would love to see the Island come alive again.  It would fully compliment Downtown Disney since adults looking for nightlife would be arriving after 10pm which is when most of the diners and shoppers would be headed back to their hotels.  But at this time, late nights are dead down there.


DJMadManRay said...

Bob, this was on the Screamscape website this morning:

(2/5/13) Rumor has it that Walt Disney World is planning on holding some kind major press release event in late April. Could this be for a new series of attractions and shows in the parks? Or will this just be a pre-summer announcement and reminder about the MyMagic+ system? Stay tuned!

Could it posssibly be something about our Island? Probably not, but...here's to hoping!

Anonymous said...

Disney, please open Mannequins Dance Palace!

Anonymous said...

Nice floor PIC!! NOT!! oh funny last pic had the hugh wire spool? what happend to that one? and I didnt see the tables in the last pic either! HMMM? just sayin

KingBob said...

Ray, rumors have picked up about an overall announcement about DTD coming soon. Don't know when.

Anon at 8:25pm, you can't see the dance floor from the upper doors, you know that. The spool was still there but not in the picture. There are a couple small tables by the door now. If you have a drivers license, GO LOOK FOR YOURSELF.

zulemara said...

The tables have been there since closing, although I don't think the coke can that was on top of one of them was there the last time I looked.

Anonymous said...

I hope that this press release is about reopening P.I. , and the night clubs.
It's been four years already, don't let it be another four years before there's night life at P.I..

Anonymous said...