Monday, January 28, 2013

Could Brazilian Tragedy Happen Here?

This website is all about having dance club fun.  But we're forced to take a timeout following the fire at the Kiss Club in Santa Maria, Brazil this past Saturday night in which more than 200 died.  The fire was reportedly started when a band or band crew member set-off pyrotechnics inside the crowded club.  Could such a thing happen here?

I'm not aware of anyone setting off indoor pyrotechnics at Orlando-area dance clubs but I'm not aware of any laws against it either.  Most places do allow cigarettes though so fires can start in other ways.  No telling how downtown's older buildings would fare if a fire began. Hopefully area fire department chiefs are this week examining clubs in the areas that they serve.  I feel better about the fire-retarding capabilities of more-modern structures such as we see on Disney and Universal property.

The best thing that any of us can do individually are to always be aware of our surroundings in any bar or club entered.  FA's on my flights this past weekend reminded passengers to be aware of where the nearest exit is located and that it might be behind where you're sitting.  Likewise, clubbers should be aware of the location of club exits (many places have only a front door and a back door) and if ever a padlocked exit door is encountered, immediately bring it to the attention of authorities.  Be safe.

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Jeff - Gainesville said...

Excellent Advice! Readers should know to report ANYTHING that looks, sounds or feels suspicious right away. Our local FD is well aware of this type of situations and I'm sure that Orlando is as well. Let's not have another Brazil, Buenos Aires, Russia or West Warwick again and heart felt prayers to the families of those who were lost.