Sunday, January 13, 2013

Club Reports: Loft 55, Vixen Bar, I-Bar

First visit to Loft 55 since they're opening weekend back in November.
DJ Mickey Bono (Beat Thrillerz, Bliss Ultra Lounge, Vain, in the booth playing Top 40/Dance.
This would be the dance floor if anyone wanted to.  But other than New Years Eve, it's actually seen just limited use so far.
There are three large bar areas in the place which actually had pretty good patronage last night.
Located on the 2nd floor of the 55 West Church Street building above Urban Flats, a new advertising campaign on XL106.7 is expected to bring attention to the place which would be otherwise overlooked by passersby below.
I didn't realize how much I missed Bono's House/Dance format from Bliss Ultra Lounge until I heard him playing it last night.  Downtown is now full of EDM but most of it is Progressive, Breakbeats, Minimal and Trance.  As much as I like those too, simple Dance music like they play on BPM is lacking downtown so this place has the potential if they advertise it right!
Speaking of Breakbeats, over to Vixen Bar for the NLP DJ Group!
DJ Matrix & MC Marybeth in the booth breaking it up!
The dance floor was jammed!
The club was jammed!
A trio from Mannequins were hanging-out!
DJ Beni Hill (NLP) chatting-up the Mannequins girl!
The fast-paced music had everyone moving!
Last stop for my fave downtown Saturday night hang-out in this post-Pleasure Island era, Independent Bar!  (There's actually a lot of downtown news and the Blog will have an article about it on Tuesday.)
DJ Mac in the control booth spinning the Saturday night format of retro 80's!
Really big crowd on hand kept the dance floor packed!
I-Bar is free on Saturday nights until 11pm, then it's $5 for guys, $3 for the ladies.
And a good time was had by all!


Anonymous said...

I see Mickey has moved from Scratch Live to Serato Dj with the new Pioneer DDJ XS controller..interesting..

Beat Thrillerz said...

Yeah there's more functionality for mixing videos like I do at Loft 55 and lots of cool tricks it can do.


KingBob said...

I understand that a lot of the equipment in the Loft 55 booth came directly from Bliss.