Sunday, January 6, 2013

Club Reports: Independent Bar, Thee Grotto, Slingapour's, The Other Bar, Suite B Lounge

Saturday night in the city and starting off instead of ending at I-Bar.
DJ Dem Rok was in the booth playing the Saturday night mix of early to mid-80's New Wave.
Even with my early arrival, the club was already packed!
Probably more so than anywhere downtown, the patrons are a mix of everything and everyone is made to feel welcome.
Thursday and Friday nights feature Indie music and the place gets equally jammed.
Over to brand new club Thee Grotto, located on a nondescript side street behind the Bank of America Tower.  There's no outside sign but just listen for the beat!
DJ Davie D (Suite B Lounge, Davie's Angels) was at the controls spinning mostly Progressive.
Nice crowd on hand for this venue that had it's opening night on NYE.
Black tiles, black walls, black lights.  You get the idea.
The place has potential if they can get the word out.
Next over to Slingapour's in the Wall Street Plaza.
Resident DJ Digital was up there, I know he was.
The Wall Street complex has eliminated their $5 cover charge so now you can just show your ID and come in.
The place was pretty packed, so watch where you're walking!
The music was kind of a mix of everything including some EDM.
But the price is right so may be visiting more often.
Also within the Wall Street Plaza, The Other Bar.
We know this guy, DJ PopRoXxX (Splitsville)!
The music here too a mix of everything.
A lot of people dancing, a lot of people chatting.
Ditto outside on Wall Street itself.
Last stop of the night, Suite B Lounge.
DJ Mark Hunt was on when I arrived playing House music.
There were clusters of people dancing.
DJ John Kiser continued the mood.
Suite B can always be counted on for EDM!
And a good time was had by all!


Anonymous said...

Bob, not sure if you noticed that that Dj in Suite B was recording his set. I noticed he's using the same Tascam recorder that I use.

Just sayin.. :)

KingBob said...

I see that now that you've pointed it out, but I did not otherwise notice.