Sunday, January 27, 2013

Club Reports: Eye Spy, Native Social Bar, Ghost Bar & Lounge

Following a visit to Spybar in Chicago, felt it appropriate to visit Eye Spy in Orlando.  At least the latter has some "spying" features; i.e. secret cameras allow you to spy on fellow clubbers. 
Alas, the music was better in Chicago.  Eye Spy is all Hip Hop with a smattering of Top 40.
The crowd didn't care though; the outdoor dance floor was packed!
The setting was perfect for the beautiful Orlando evening.
Native Social Bar is open for business in the space formerly occupied by Mako's.
The DJ plays from a 2nd floor spot overlooking the ground floor.
The view down onto the ground floor. There must be a reason for the name but I did not see any American Indian theming if that was the intent.
There's a back room with a different DJ but they were both playing Hip Hop.
A third room directly behind the DJ houses yet another bar.  Take some stairs up from here and you can connect into Club 23 where the DJ was playing EDM.
The other new venue we previously reported on is also now open for business; Ghost Bar.
DJ Andolini plays from a perch at the front of the club overlooking the ground floor.
This multi-level venue was also crowded.  All of downtown was crowded following the end of a country music concert at Amway Center and traffic was horrendous.
Have no idea of why they're calling the place Ghost Bar as I saw no related theming here either nor any features like you find in other cities that have clubs using that name.  The Beacham is the only local club that I'm aware of that actually has a ghost living in it!!


Anonymous said...


How long did you stay at each one to witness the crap that is hip hop? Like just one song or half hour of nonstop hip hop at each one?

I'm just questioning whether these kid Djs working in these downtown clubs know what they're doing.

My guess is no but hey, I could be wrong.

KingBob said...

The time I spend in each club can vary widely. Because of a late arriving flight this past Saturday night, I only spent about 10-15 minutes in each of the 3 places. Friday's night's club visit was closer to 3 hours. The more I like the music, the longer my visit. But I do return visits too and see if things change. That's only fair.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they were in a short hip hop set when you got there.

Makes you wonder if the "manager" wants them to play that crap or they feel compelled to play it.

With EDM in the forefront right now, I'd play as little of that crap as I could get away with.

KingBob said...

Yes, that's a possibility. I actually liked the vibe in both places, just not the music being played.

At Eye Spy they always play Hip Hop/Top 40. Have been there enough times to know that. As for Native and Ghost Bar, did not get a chance to interview either DJ to find out what's going on. I will though. Would not surprise me if Management at both players direct what to play to a large extent. But I don't know that.