Saturday, December 29, 2012

PI Update: Getting Ready For NYE

Light rain came to normally beautiful Pleasure Island this morning, helping keep the grass green and the mulch brown where Motion and RRBC used to stand.
They really ought to admit that there are no fireworks at Downtown Disney any night.  Not just tonight.
I found this fascinating.  I always thought the colorful 8TRAX logo was painted over back in August, 2011 when all the other club logos were painted over or removed.  But in this morning's brisk winds, that panel was actually "flapping"!  Which means it's just a vinyl sheet up there, covering, perhaps.....the 8TRAX logo?
Numerous drink huts are planted around DTD.  They ain't selling Coca Cola folks; this one has sparkling wine, beer and a $24 "share-a-mojito" bowl!  Not that I'm complaining.  I just don't think Disney should hide behind a "family friendly" moniker for Pleasure Island when clearly alcohol sales are behind much of what they do.  Whether it's a "shark bowl" from Motion or a "mohito bowl" from Paradiso, kids are going to notice.  And they couldn't care less!  (Click on photo to read the sign.)
Early morning lineup for Splitsville, the perfect activity for a rainy day.
Another outdoor hut, this one adjacent Bongo's.  This one has food too.
The Disney gift shop truck is now adjacent the No. 4 Bridge from Pleasure Island, as is yet another drink hut.  Not pictured, the lobster food truck and the taco food truck!  The rain will clear out later today and a beautiful NYE is promised for Orlando.  Make it a fun one! And thanks for reading the Save Pleasure Island Blog, the world's leading source for PI news and rumors!


J said...

I think it always was vinyl (ha..'vinyl')
Check out this old photo of the 8TRAX sign from your blog.

You can see where it's buckled above the 8-track tape sign.

KingBob said...

Interesting. Looks like the building itself was never painted, it was always a decorated vinyl covering! Never noticed that before....thanks!