Wednesday, November 7, 2012

EDC Weekend In Techno Town

This is the weekend that thousands have been waiting for: ELECTRIC DAISY CARNIVAL! 

Welcome to Orlando!  The EDC contract with the City of Orlando requires the music to end each night at midnight followed by fireworks. So the nights are still young, what to do?  The place to go is downtown Orlando, home to dozens and dozens of bars and clubs!  All venues must quit serving alcohol at 2am and can't let anyone else inside after 2am. But many places remain open until close to 3am and you can consume what you already purchased up until then!  The heart of the action is Orange Avenue which runs north-south and Central Boulevard which runs east-west.  Here's this weekend's post-EDC EDM action:

70N  INDEPENDENT BAR  FRI- Indie  SAT- 80's New Wave
60N  SKY60  FRI- Dubstep, Drum & Bass(DJ CliffT)  SAT- Electrohouse (Leo Montoya)
25N  WALL STREET PLAZA  FRI- Top 40  SAT-Craft Beer Night/Top 40 (DJ Digital)
114S VINTAGE LOUNGE  FRI- Top 40  SAT- Top 40/Dance (DJ Dominic Morrison)
118S VIXEN BAR  FRI- House  SAT- House/Breaks

42W  EMBER  FRI-na   SAT- Top 40/Dance (DJ Jimmy Joslin)
20E   TIER  FRI- House (DJ Ideal)  SAT- House (DJ Dberrie)
50E   SUITE B LOUNGE  FRI- Tech House (DJ Marquez)  SAT- Progressive (The Revrend)

22S  VAIN  FRI- Miami House (DJ Mednas)  SAT- n/a

23W  CLUB 23  FRI- House   SAT- House (DJ Rincon)


ClubMaster said...

I will be there, well working Security but still will be there.

KingBob said...

Will look for you!

KingBob said...

Never saw you, ClubMaster.