Wednesday, November 7, 2012

EDC Update: Timetable Published

CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE Electric Daisy Carnival published the list of DJ's performing a few weeks ago but it was not until last night that the timetable was finally released.  You can also view the schedule here.


Ken said...

I was reviewing the "Festival Guidelines" on the EDC website and notice this guideline "NO Sitting on Designated Dance Floor Areas"

Bob or anyone, does EDC actually have some designated portable dance floors set-up or is it just a designated grassy/dirt area that's part of tinker field?

KingBob said...

There are no dance "floors" per se. There are areas in front of each stage where people stand to watch and they would not want anyone sitting there because of the risks involved. The two larger stages this year are all in front of grassy areas; the third stage has a paved parking lot (as shown in the photo) with some curbs in front of it.