Tuesday, November 6, 2012

EDC Update: Construction Has Begun

Tinker Field on a beautiful Tuesday morning finds construction underway for this weekend's Electric Daisy Carnival - Orlando!
A close-up of the kineticFIELD Main Stage as crews put it all together.  Most of the biggest name DJ's will be performing here and there's still much work to be done.
As we saw at EDC - Puerto Rico in September, a vastly improved VIP area is very close to the main stage and much larger than last year.  It will also be covered.  If they do it like they did at San Juan, the area will wrap-around to a VIP only area directly in front of the stage.
To the south at McCracken Field, the circuitGROUNDS stage is also underway.  Many big names will play here too.
That stage can now face in the opposite direction than it did last year since the neonGARDEN stage which stood where that sand pile is won't exist this year.
The bassPOD stage is in the same location as last year, except this year it carries the neonGARDEN name and will be home to somewhat lesser-known names on Friday and the winning Discovery Project DJ's on Saturday.
Future home to food and souvenir vendors.
The first of many carnival rides had also arrived.  They're free with admission.  The biggest DJ event ever in Orlando will soon be upon us!

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