Monday, November 5, 2012

EDC Dressing Guide #2

Ladies, are you stressing about what to wear to EDC?  The Save Pleasure Island Blog is providing timely tips on what to wear to Electric Daisy Carnival when it comes to town this coming weekend!  
TIP 1: Skimpy is a good thing. Less is more. Don't let slightly cooler weather deter you.

TIP 2: Halter tops are a nice touch and thus encouraged.
TIP 3: Short shorts are in and perfect for the sunny days ahead.
TIP 4: Don't forget your Tu-tu's & Fluffies.
TIP 5: Be as colorful as possible.  Don't be a wallflower!
And now two tips on what NOT to wear.  
TIP 1: Heels. The grounds at Tinker Field are dirt and grass with only small areas paved. While you may look good, you will be miserable.
TIP 2: Avoid horizontal stripes. They can make you look fat!


Anonymous said...

Nice pics

ClubMaster said...

HAHAHAH, how did the lady get those shorts on the last photo. wow.

FN said...

Horizontal stripes... Yikes, you're right! I have scratched my eyes out and I'm much happier now...

That's a classic photo and one-liner to go along with it...

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