Saturday, November 10, 2012

Concert Report: Electric Daisy Carnival - Day 1

Day 1 of Electric Daisy Carnival has come and gone.  It was a truly awesome experience with a nonstop cavalcade of DJ's playing various forms of Electronic Dance Music.  This article and tomorrow will concentrate on the performers and then Monday I'll post more fun scenes from the partiers!
DJ Laurent Simeca (USA) from South Beach was in one of the early time slots playing House.
DJ Gaiser (USA) spinning House.
Nerd Rage (USA) enthralling an early crowd with Dubstep.
Breakbeat legend DJ AK1200 (USA) with MC Collaborator.  Wedged between two Dubstep DJ's, I feared this old school guy would lose the younger crowd but he stuck with a lot of Drum & Bass.  That and the Rap spewed out by Collaborator kept everyone enthralled!
More Dubstep, this time getting schooled by Schoolboy (USA)!
Spotted: DJ's David Z & Tony Z.
Orlando native making a big name for himself nationwide; DJ DallasK (USA) spinning House and Dubstep.
The early crowd starting to fill the place.
Pierce Fulton (USA) taking over the main stage with Progressive House.
Another legend, DJ Victor Calderone (USA) putting out the House!
DJ Danny Avila (E) playing an incredible set.  Got a huge reaction from the crowd with Dada Life's "Kick Out The Epic Motherf**ker"!
Spotted: Tasha & Lance (Mannequins)
More House from DJ Chris Lake (GB)
Bridging daylight into darkness, Krewella (USA) played all their songs and concluded with their biggest hit "Alive".
And amassed a really huge crowd to watch them!
More legends!  Cosmic Gate (D) blew the crowd away with a mostly Trance set.
The prepredominately young crowd had no trouble whatsoever appreciating what they were seeing and hearing!
The DJ duo of Sunnary James & Ryan Marciano (USA) followed with a mostly Progressive set.
Pictures from my Kodak Instamatic with flash bulbs became more difficult as it got darker.  House legend Markus Schulz (D) was up next and kept things moving.
Mirror Man working the crowd!
Tinker Field....jammed....for Porter Robinson (USA)!
And closing act, the man everyone came to see.....Tiësto (NL). Let me tell you, the best show I've ever seen out of him.  Nothing unusual, nothing from future albums that he's pushing.  It was all classic Tiësto from "Searching For Sunrise" tracks to Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)".
And as the first day came to an end, it was really true.  A good time was had by all!


Mark and Beth said...

Bob, I was very disappointed at Tiestos actions on stage last night. I have never seen a performer leave the stage for many minutes at a time ad he did it several times....

KingBob said...

Did you have a bad angle? I never saw him leave. He did go the rear area of his platform to drink several times but he was fully visible from the front. If you were way to the left, perhaps he was out of view to those in your area.

mark and beth said...

No Bob, to the contrary on the angle. We had a very good view of where he was and he was behind the the left side see through wall. He did this several times. We could see him talking to someone. He did however go back abit to drink but we could see that clearly. He actually left his podium for several minutes and the people around us made notice of it too...strange. The music was playing by itself....

KingBob said...

Ok, I didn't notice that.