Monday, November 26, 2012

Club Reports: Pleasure Island, House Of Blues

Need to get out of the house on a Sunday night?  There's a voice from the past calling out to you.  It's saying, come to Pleasure Island!
On the Purple Stage at West End Plaza, the Andre Caram Band featuring singers Drey-C (center) and Lindsey (far left).  The music is all EDM.  They'll be doing the same this New Years Eve at the Waterside Stage, Downtown Disney Marketplace.  We know the words Free and Disney don't often get used in the same sentence, but this time it does!
A chilly night, a Sunday night, a holiday weekend finished night = light crowd on hand.
A beautiful lighted Christmas tree has been installed at the Lily Pad on the Island.  And yes, that's Mickey at the top!  Note those two kiosks on the other side of the tree.
Apparently a holdover from the Food & Wine Festival at EPCOT, Amuse Bouche serves grilled beef skewers, pork sliders and shrimp ceviche which can be washed down with a cold Stella.
Meanwhile Cheese & Sweets has cheese fondue, desserts and hard apple cider.
Nova Era performing Classical at the Lily Pad.
Splitsville construction is moving rapidly.  We'll have a full update tomorrow on the Blog!
Spotted: DJ Andrew Michael.  He'll be alternating between sets of the Andre Caram Band on NYE at the Waterside Stage spinning Top 40/Dance/EDM.
House of Blues on a Sunday night; it's an institution!
Service Industry Night (SIN) at House Of Blues means EDM with DJ Magic Mike alternating weekends with DJ Richie Rich and other guests.
SIN at HOB has long dominated Orlando's Sunday night dance scene.  Even when PI was open it was not uncommon to find a huge Sunday night crowd in House of Blues while Mannequins was largely empty!  The recent attempt by B.B. Kings Blues Club at Pointe Orlando to get a piece of the Sunday night action using Magic Mike and Jimmy Joslin was not successful competing against this!
Anyone in any "service industry" job gets in free here.  And it's not limited to just the "hospitality industry".  Consequently, the place gets packed!  Although I've seen it more packed.
Always a fine looking crowd!
And you can never go wrong with Go Go girls!


ClubMaster said...

I cant wait untill Tomorrows Report of Splitzville. I want it open before NYE.

Anonymous said...

Who is the girl singer that's always with Drey-c???