Saturday, November 3, 2012

Club Report: High Society

High Society Hookah Lounge, the smoking haven located in a strip center in Winter Park across SR 436 from Full Sail University.  And on many-a-night, they offer DJ-driven Dance music in a club format!
I came in at the tail-end of DJ K8's set but did get to experience a great Breaks set from DJ Scarlett (Underground Sound) above.  There was some Dubstep mixed in there too.
She had some people moving on the small dance floor!  They actually have a separate room with a large dance floor but this evening the DJ's were operating from out front.
DJ Jennifer Marley (, Davie's Angels) then took over, continuing the onslaught of Breaks but mixed with some what I would call Progressive House!
Got to meet co-owner Jennifer who showed me the full production facility they offer for rent!
DJ Funkbaby (NLP) taking over the final time slot at 1am!
The dance floor filled up again!
The place never got jammed but it was hardly empty and there were people all over the place.
And including the DJ's, a good time was had by all!


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Thanks Scarlett, great to see you!