Friday, November 9, 2012

Club Report: Atlantic Dance Hall

Had not been out to Atlantic Dance Hall in awhile so why not check it out on this eve of Electric Daisy Carnival weekend!
DJ Tony Z (Le Rouge, Planet Hollywood, Paradiso 37) was at the controls mixing the typical ADH mix of 80's, Hip Hop, Oldies and Line Dances.  But as the night wore on, a record number of EDM songs were played too!!
The dance floor was spartan though.
They could have changed the name of the club to Atlantic Standing-Around Hall.  The area behind the DJ was actually packed. And I mean packed.  But getting anyone to dance was a challenge no matter what music got played!  And the 15:1 guy/girl ratio was a bit difficult too but a male-dominated communications convention on-property was the problem.
New dual monitors on both sides of the stage appear to be just temporary.
Tony Z will be the New Years Eve DJ again this year.  That is typically the only night during the year that ADH is near capacity.  The Blog will be covering that and the EPCOT dance parties again this year!
So on this chilly November evening, and except for this one old fart who kept demanding 60's music, a good time was had by all!

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