Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Visit To Theme Park Connection

Have you heard about Theme Park Connection in Winter Garden?  It's a bit like Disney Property Control, but better!  And it's not just for CM's!
When I first came in I only saw these two little rooms full of Disney memorabilia.  But I had expected more.
But once you come in you find two additional huge warehouse rooms full of stuff!
One could easily spend hours in here searching through Disney posters, press kits, pins, stuffed animals, signs, classic photos, clothes, brochures and on and on and on!  And the prices are cheap! I bought some old Pleasure Island brochures and the Blog will be taking a look at them soon.
Click on this picture to enlarge.....and view this classic hand-made painting of scenes from beautiful Pleasure Island! I was told this was formerly located in the cast member-only area under PI. Theme Park Connection is located in an industrial park on Beulah Road, less than a half mile south of SR 50, in Winter Garden.  Call for hours and check this place out!
UPDATE: Blog reader Ian has provided us a closeup photo of the mural; it's actually 3 photos of the mural's 3 sections, spliced together into one.  This apparently used to be in what is now called PI Live Bar. Click on it to enlarge. Thanks so much for sharing, Ian!


Ian said...

Theme Park Connection is awesome! However your info on the PI mural is a little off. It was originally in three separate panels (Connection now having the largest) due to it being the decoration of the oddly shaped back wall of the PI Live bar! I have a shot of the whole mural together that I'll send your way soon King Bob!


KingBob said...

Thanks for the info, Ian. Looking forward to the photo!

Brian said...

"this classic hand-made painting of scenes from beautiful Pleasure Island!"
was in the bar across from PI live!
had black lights over it

Ian said...

Well yes, back then it was the Rock 'n' Roll Beach Club outdoor bar, but currently it is the PI Live Bar.

KingBob said...

Ian, that's awesome! Thanks for sharing.

Ian said...

I KNOW! Just another representation of what our favorite Island used to be all about and hope to see it that way again. Glad you like it!