Friday, November 30, 2012

PI Update: Bigger, Better Comedy Warehouse Returning For the Holidays!

Disney has confirmed what reader Shawn Tucker reported here on the Save Pleasure Island Blog a couple weeks ago:  Comedy Warehouse is returning to Disney Hollywood Studios for the holidays!  But this year it's going to be bigger and better than last year!  Bigger because it's moving from the relatively small ABC Sound Theater to the much larger Premier Theater.  Better because last year's shows took place over a one week period whereas this year performances will take place for two weeks; December 23rd - January 5th.  The "Comedy Warehouse Holiday Special" brings back many of the original cast members from Comedy Warehouse on beautiful Pleasure Island and it's family-friendly improv.  All the shows last year were "sold out".  So don't miss it this time! 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Club Report: 8TRAX

A long line of patrons came out to 8TRAX last night for 70's Disco Night.  The line stretched all the way up the Lombard Street stairs to the Adventurers Club!  NOT!
Peeking inside the dimly lit club, once could see it being used for junk storage and also for storage of a lot of boxes.  CLICK TO ENLARGE.  You can see them stacked on the club's mid-level dance floor (far right) and also directly below the dance floor railing.  Club Revenue last night:  $0

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

This Weekend In Techno Town

As long as he keeps drawing crowds, they'll keep bringing back DJ Irie (USA) (Miami Heat, Carnival Cruise Lines) to Tier Nightclub for Top 40/Dance and Hip Hop.  (Price NA)

What better way to start December than some pure House from the "Godfather of House Music", DJ Dave Cannalte (USA) (Mannequins, AAHZ, Promo Only) at Suite B Lounge!  You best know him for putting on "Everybody's Free (To Feel Good) at Mannequins. Remember when?  (FREE until 11pm, then $5) 
Also just added to Saturday night, a first ever appearance in Orlando of DJ Adrian Lux (S) performing at Roxy Night Club.  Best known for his hits "Burning" and "Teenage Crime".  (Ladies $7, Guys $10)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

PI Update: Splitsville Is Coming.....Soon!

The story of the Virgin Megastore building has been a sad one. Once a great media store and part of a worldwide media chain, it shut down in 2009.  The late-2008 closure of the clubs on Pleasure Island coupled with the store closing created a lot of dark space across Downtown Disney.  The June announcement that the building would be turned into the Princes Diana Museum created a huge amount ostracismNo disrespect intended to Princess Di, but this had absolutely nothing to do with Disney.  It was fortunately a short lease and it ended at the conclusion of November, 2009.
What came next wasn't much better though.  The building became the temporary home of RideMakerZ.  Occupying just a small portion of the bottom floor, the store sold model race cars.  We give it credit for creating a space where boys might actually find something of interest.  It has since relocated to a much-smaller space at the rear of Team Mickey in Downtown Disney Marketplace.  With the move, we knew something else must finally be coming to the Virgin space.
The announcement that the building would be the future home of Splitsville Luxury Lanes caught everyone by surprise since there had been a previous announcement that Disney's Wide World of Sports would soon be home to a 100-lane competition bowling alley.  Nonetheless, nearly all the vibe about Splitsville has been positive!
And this upper level lounge is part of what has so many people excited.  The advertising has stated "Live Music" which could be bands but more likely DJ-driven music.  So that has piqued the interest of many who have little interest in bowling on the 30-lanes that are coming but instead are looking for nightlife in a post PI-era!

 A peek in the gap shows a brick-look floor with ceiling tiles and countertops pending.
The already turned-on Brunswick monitors tell you that the bowling lanes are installed!  Some workers are putting in 16-hour days to meet the imposed deadline: "Opening Fall, 2012".  The last day of Fall is December 20th.  Including today, they've got 24 days.
I thought this was a flat sign but closer inspection shows that it's a 3D neon-lighted BOWL sign which will beckon those in the DTD parking lot.  This is getting exciting!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Club Reports: Pleasure Island, House Of Blues

Need to get out of the house on a Sunday night?  There's a voice from the past calling out to you.  It's saying, come to Pleasure Island!
On the Purple Stage at West End Plaza, the Andre Caram Band featuring singers Drey-C (center) and Lindsey (far left).  The music is all EDM.  They'll be doing the same this New Years Eve at the Waterside Stage, Downtown Disney Marketplace.  We know the words Free and Disney don't often get used in the same sentence, but this time it does!
A chilly night, a Sunday night, a holiday weekend finished night = light crowd on hand.
A beautiful lighted Christmas tree has been installed at the Lily Pad on the Island.  And yes, that's Mickey at the top!  Note those two kiosks on the other side of the tree.
Apparently a holdover from the Food & Wine Festival at EPCOT, Amuse Bouche serves grilled beef skewers, pork sliders and shrimp ceviche which can be washed down with a cold Stella.
Meanwhile Cheese & Sweets has cheese fondue, desserts and hard apple cider.
Nova Era performing Classical at the Lily Pad.
Splitsville construction is moving rapidly.  We'll have a full update tomorrow on the Blog!
Spotted: DJ Andrew Michael.  He'll be alternating between sets of the Andre Caram Band on NYE at the Waterside Stage spinning Top 40/Dance/EDM.
House of Blues on a Sunday night; it's an institution!
Service Industry Night (SIN) at House Of Blues means EDM with DJ Magic Mike alternating weekends with DJ Richie Rich and other guests.
SIN at HOB has long dominated Orlando's Sunday night dance scene.  Even when PI was open it was not uncommon to find a huge Sunday night crowd in House of Blues while Mannequins was largely empty!  The recent attempt by B.B. Kings Blues Club at Pointe Orlando to get a piece of the Sunday night action using Magic Mike and Jimmy Joslin was not successful competing against this!
Anyone in any "service industry" job gets in free here.  And it's not limited to just the "hospitality industry".  Consequently, the place gets packed!  Although I've seen it more packed.
Always a fine looking crowd!
And you can never go wrong with Go Go girls!

Club Report: Club Tinsel

SPI Blog has covered Stitch's Club 626 Dance Party at Magic Kingdom several times but as we move into the holiday season, it's been replaced with the Club Tinsel dance party featuring Chip & Dale! DJ Kain at the podium playing Top 40/EDM!
Save Pleasure Island Blog roving reporter Thommy live on the scene reports them just finishing a version of hit Dance song "Barbara Streisand", but with everyone shouting "Mickey Mouse" instead!  Awesome...only in Orlando!  And a story you won't find in the Sentinel!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Club Reports: Ralphfest2, On The Rocks, Dragon Room, Vixen Bar, The Beacham

A chilly but not bad at all Saturday night in O-Town.  Ralphfest2 in progress, the goal to raise money to fund a permanent music scholarship honoring musician Ralph Ameduri who was killed during a robbery outside a Winter Haven nightclub more than a year ago.
Taking place in a vacant lot beside new club Elixir, the music filled the nighttime air along Washington Street.
It featured several live bands supporting the effort.
And at this early hour there were already quite a few spectators in the area with a line waiting to get in.
On The Rocks is a new venue downtown along Magnolia Avenue, across from Vain.
DJ Remington Steele was on the controls at the front of the club playing Top 40/Dance.
Already people have discovered the place!
The long narrow room is reminiscent of numerous other bars downtown but it's the first I saw already decorated for Christmas.
Over to Dragon Room to see what was happening along Church Street.
Always nice running into DJ Adam Wells who was playing all-EDM during my visit!
Just a small group on the dance floor though.
The decor at Dragon Room takes visitors on a quick visit to Shanghai!
There's always Electronic dance music at Vixen!
And putting out Electrohouse, Breakbeats and a little Dubstep, ill DJ Chris B.
Pretty good crowd lined the venue.
With one couple moving to the beats!
Spotted: Clothing magnate and DJ Social Menace!
Great drinks (and great views) from Lindsey!
Final stop at massive The Beacham complex.
DJ Richie Rich on the boards spinning Hip Hop and Top 40.  RR alternates with DJ Magic Mike every other Sunday night, spinning all-EDM, at House of Blues in Lake Buena Vista.
The floor was packed wall-to-wall.
MC Shelly Flash in cool shoes keeping the crowd focused!
And you can never go wrong with Go Go girls!