Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Guetta Blasting!

When Mannequins closed in 2008 there were few other options in Orlando playing Electronic Dance Music. As the reality set in about PI, people kept asking me where I would be going after the final night.  I can recall my research trip downtown to try to find alternatives.  There were just a few; Bliss on Saturdays, ICON occasionally, Firestone once-in-awhile, Zinc Bar.  Hip Hop dominated the local club scene.  It also dominated radio and I think I would have ultimately gone insane were it not for satellite radio!

Things began to turn in 2009.  Previous Blog articles have discussed my theory on why Hip Hop has largely fizzled-out in favor of EDM. But credit from me and industry experts goes to DJ David Guetta (F) who collaborated with former Destiny's Child singer Kelly Rowland (USA) on the song above. Guetta had had previous hits but this song made him a household word.  It was the turning moment in the resurrection of Dance music that an entire generation under 30 (and over 40 for those previous to this scene) now embraces over all other genres.  It has created DJ-culture as the new hottest celebrities!  It has also given new life to what was a sickly record industry.  Guetta gets the credit for helping make Top 40 the collection of Dance music that it is today, often with former Hip Hop artists providing the vocals!  

So it shocks me to no end how many professional DJ's and so-called "house-heads" have turned on Guetta and called him a sellout because his music is so formula, so danceable, so popular that they can't stand it.  His work has given a lot of people careers as DJ's and he has helped generate billions in profits for many individuals and companies.  EDM had stayed viable in Europe but until Guetta, it was close to nothing in North America.  People need to get off his case and give credit where credit it due.  If he's making piles of money along the way, so are many others along for the ride. Be grateful and knockoff the Guetta blasting! Downtown Orlando now:  it's hard to find a club not playing EDM!    


Dj Smooth said...

Just take the comments about Guetta with a grain of salt; maybe several.

Guetta has been around for a long time. Most of these "Djs" that trash him probably have no idea about his F**k me I'm famous radio shows from over a decade ago and how much he toured around Europe playing club after club for all those years.

They're jealous of his success. I'm glad he's there. His tracks are well produced and he's getting it done. He's helping dance music crossover. More power to him.

KingBob said...

Exactly. Thanks. Would be great if they landed him for EDC!