Saturday, October 20, 2012

Flamingo Crossings Update

The only thing at Walt Disney World that is deader than Pleasure Island after 10pm is Disney's Flamingo Crossings development.  It's located a few miles west of Disney's Coronado Springs Resort on Western Way and just past that road's junction with the TOLL 429 expressway.
Designed to house moderate-priced hotels, restaurants and shops (all operated by third-parties), the place remains completely void of any activity!  You'll recall back in January the Blog reported that they had finally signed their very first tenant: Walgreen's. But here we are nine months later and there has been no groundbreaking!
To the south, Flamingo Crossings Blvd becomes Hartzog Road and there are non-Disney landlords this way.  But no takers so far here either.
Interestingly, as you enter the Flamingo Crossings development area there is a sign that says you are entering (or more precisely, re-entering) the RCID.  So perhaps fire and emergency services in Flamingo Crossings must be provided by the Reedy Creek Improvement District.  Which might give some credence to the rumor that RCID wants to build a new fire station somewhere out on Western Way. Even though there is nothing currently there. 


Shawn Tucker said...

Snooze and loose. They messed up bad. Now everything is being built (or already completed) just down the road at 429 and 192. Almost nothing a few years ago now jammed with all the top restaurants and shops.

Jeff - Gainesville said...

Admittedly, I know nothing much about Reedy Creek Fire, RCID or where the county lines determine emergency response in that area - but having served elsewhere in Fire/EMS in the past, a new station out there seems a bit far-fetched from a response stand point. Unless they REALLY plan some huge growth out that way, I'd think that there would be a better spot on the property for a new facility. I could see the need elsewhere but that Flamingo area seems like a stretch. Then again, if you'd told me four years ago that all those buildings would sit empty for years on P.I., I'd have likely mentioned the same kind of stretch. So, who knows......