Saturday, October 13, 2012

EDC Update: A Look At Some Of The Artists

DJ Icey is an Orlando and worldwide institution and is credited with creating the Florida Breaks music genre! Filmed at Electric Sunfest in Jacksonville this past Labor Day weekend, Icey took a crowd that had been listening to House all day and got them bouncing to a different kind of EDM!  He'll be at Electric Daisy Carnival!

Filmed in Chicago and Orlando International Airport but mostly in Daytona Beach, Krewella is a dance music group that zoomed to the forefront for the first time ever earlier this year with this song "Alive".  They'll be performing at the upcoming Electric Daisy Carnival.

DJ AK1200 hails from Orlando and was a prominent part of the early 90's Rave scene here, he's known for his kick-ass Drum'N'Bass, Jungle and Breakbeats! He posed for the Blog this past July (along with DJ The Reverend) backstage at AAHZ Reunion.  AK1200 will be performing at Electric Daisy Carnival. EDITORS NOTE: IF YOU'RE UNSURE ABOUT GOING, PLEASE NOTE PRICE INCREASE AT 11:59PM EDT MONDAY NITE.

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