Thursday, September 20, 2012


One of the biggest complaints that came out of Electric Daisy Carnival - Orlando last year was that those who paid extra for VIP tickets didn't get much in the way of VIP treatment.  Using the much-shorter VIP entry line was nice but after that there was much to be desired.  In the top photo above, you can see the VIP section in the background.  It was far removed from the main stage and got VIP patrons no closer to the action.  The bottom photo above shows the covered area up close.  It came in handy when it rained but that's about all that can be said for it.  Even today I still read internet comments complaining about not getting much for the money!
Jeff from HTG which is helping organize the next EDC - Orlando has hinted that changes are in order to make the VIP experience more VIP.  He hasn't stated how but the photo above taken last Saturday night at EDC - Puerto Rico shows them using a much larger covered VIP area.  It's also much closer to the main stage and higher too.  Larger, higher, closer.....that's change for the better.
The picture above was taken at Orlando last year and shows everyone up against a metal fence in front of the stage.  VIP did not get you any closer.  I don't have a picture of the improvement made at San Juan but I can tell you that the VIP area to the side wrapped around to the front and the first 8-10 feet up against that metal fence was VIP-only.  There was then another metal fence behind that which is where the teeming masses got to stand.  The map for EDC - Orlando on TicketMaster does show a VIP area to the front of General Admission this year.  If this is what's coming to Orlando then it may well be worth the extra money for VIP.

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